PRFI’s Mohammed Tahir wins ‘Young Design Engineer of the Year’ at the British Engineering Excellence Awards

We are delighted to congratulate Mohammed Tahir, who has won the award for Young Design Engineer of the Year at the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) 2020, which were organised by the Mark Allen Group, publishers of Eureka and New Electronics.

The judges commented that they were “impressed with the speed at which this young engineer was able to engage with highly complex mmWave design concepts.”

Mohammed joined us at PRFI in early 2019, and has specialised in the design and development of mmWave front end components for 5G. From the outset he has undertaken complex designs, working under his own initiative, with competence, efficiency and an impressive level of practical innovation. Prior to joining PRFI he had worked for two years at OMMIC in France, designing GaAs and GaN MMICs, following his graduation from Polytech Nice Sophia with an MEng in Electronics specialising in Digital, Analog, RF and Mixed Circuits and Systems Design.

There is a feature on the award and a more detailed profile of Mohammed on the Eureka magazine website.