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MMIC and RFIC Design

PRFI has an experienced team developing ICs using GaAs, Si, SiGe and GaN technologies at frequencies up to 100GHz.

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Microwave and mmWave circuits

PRFI designs microwave and mmWave components and subsystems. Our experience includes custom MMICs, multi-chip modules (MCMs) using bare die, microwave PCBs using SMT on laminate and waveguide modules.

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PRFI has experience of designing GaN MMICs using the 0.25µm GaN-on-SiC processes of including GCS, Qorvo, MACOM (formerly Wolfspeed). UMS and WIN Semiconductor. Our design activity has included Doherty PAs for sub-6GHz 5G, compact X-band PAs for phased array radar, very high linearity (high power handling) microwave switching functions, robust GaN LNAs, broadband GaN PA MMICs for ESM applications, and high linearity GaN PAs for point-to-point link applications.

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mmWave 5G

5G communications systems offer huge increases in data rates and aim to provide a service with seemingly infinite capacity. This will be facilitated by the use of mmWave frequencies, where large bands of contiguous spectrum can be exploited. PRFI has designed MMICs and components for mmWave 5G systems operating in most of the bands including the 28GHz, 37GHz, and 39GHz bands, as well as the 26GHz “Pioneer Band” for 5G in Europe.

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Test and Measurement

PRFI offers test, measurement and characterisation services at RF & microwave/mmWave frequencies. We can test devices operating up to 50 GHz and 1 kW, with digital or analogue control.

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MMIC Design Verification Service

PRFI is pleased to offer its clients a MMIC design verification service, allowing customers to reduce risk by having their in-house MMIC designs independently checked by our experienced design team.

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