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Design Services:
Microwave and mmWave circuits

PRFI designs microwave and mmWave components and subsystems. Our experience includes custom MMICs, multi-chip modules (MCMs) using bare die, microwave PCBs using SMT on laminate, thick film, thin film, LTCC and waveguide modules.

Microwave and mmWave Technology

PRFI is one of the few independent design houses able to offer RF and microwave design services that extend up to mmWave frequencies. Our design experience ranges from fast-switching broadband microwave synthesisers for avionics radar applications to E-band MMIC amplifiers and IRMs for 71 to 76GHz and 81 to 86GHz point-to-point links. We are also actively engaged in the design of innovative mmWave components for 5G.

We have design experience to 100GHz, and the ability to combine an in-depth understanding of microwave and mmWave technology with our strong background in high volume product design. This allows us to develop cost-competitive microwave and mmWave modules and sub-systems suitable for commercial exploitation. As a truly independent design house we can select the right technology for the specific application.

Our services include individual sub-system design and supply through to complete turnkey custom MMIC development.

Download a 1-page summary of our RF Module design services