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Test and Measurement Services

PRFI offers test, measurement and characterisation services at RF & microwave/mmWave frequencies. We can test active and passive devices operating up to 50 GHz and 1 kW, with digital or analogue control. Our lab is setup for prototype testing, rather than full-scale production tests, but measurements can be automated to accommodate evaluation of multiple parts over a wide range of bias, control or RF signal conditions.

Measurements up to mmWave Frequencies

The lab has VNAs, spectrum analysers and signal generators operating up to 50 GHz for small and large signal measurements, and we can measure noise figure up to 44 GHz.


Most measurements can be automated for large scale prototype testing. The measurement software is developed in-house, and custom routines can be developed as needed. Our existing programmes include standard measurements (small signal, two-tone, power sweeps, etc.); programmes can be developed for other measurements, such as noise figure and characterisation over temperature.

Example Projects


RF-on-wafer (RFOW) testing is carried out using a manual probe station. Up to two RF and two DC probes can be fitted.

Temperature Chamber

Thermotron temperature chamber for characterising devices over temperature. Capable of operating beyond -40°C and 85°C.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera can be used to debug issues with PCBs and modules, by quickly identifying problems areas.

Digital Control

Up to 12-bit digital control of devices is possible during testing; an NI-DAQ for the control logic and SPST switch boards to set custom control voltages.

Client Feedback

“We partnered with PRFI for our mmWave RF on-wafer measurements after we experienced unreliable measurements from a different supplier. The work included the definition of custom DC probes for our ICs and required a high level of measurement automation. PRFI’s measurements were accurate, and the schedule was on-time. The PRFI team did an amazing job!”  – Technical Director, leading wireless communications semiconductor manufacturer