Interlligent UK RF & Microwave Seminar Talks now available

The presentations by Liam Devlin and Robert Smith at Interlligent UK’s RF & Microwave Seminar are now available to watch on their YouTube channel.

Liam Devlin’s presentation looks at why companies choose to develop custom MMICs and the development process involved, including unit costs, design and layout, fabrication and packaging procedure, evaluation, qualification of the MMIC and the move to production.

The presentation provides an overview of the challenges and benefits involved and discusses under what circumstances such development could be useful for companies own development initiatives.

Watch Liam Devlin’s Talk


Robert Smith discusses the design of a Doherty MMIC for the 28 GHz 5G frequency band and the challenges which increase as the frequency of operation moves towards mmWave. The efficiency improvements compared to a conventional PA are demonstrated through measurement, and details of the design, simulation, layout, and packaging are described

Watch Robert Smith’s Talk



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